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MGTMulti-Gnome Terminal (computer program)
MGTMeritorious Good Time (Illinois correctional facilities)
MGTMulti-Gigabit Transceiver
MGTMaster Guide Table
MGTMagisters' Terrace (World of Warcraft)
MGTMidwestern Gas Transmission (gas pipeline company)
MGTMeasured Gas Temperature
MGTMarine Gas Turbine
MGTMobile Global Title
MGTMobile Ground Terminal
MGTMandatory Good Time
MGTAssociation des Médecins Généralistes et Toxicomanie
MGTMalawi Gin & Tonic (African alcoholic beverage)
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Every full month without an accident sees PS500 donated to a local charity, made up of contributions from workers, MGT say.
In recent months, MGT said it has tried without success to reach agreement among the various stakeholders of D-Vasive and Demonsaw with renegotiated terms.
Macquarie, together with Danish pension fund PKA, will now become the joint owners of MGT Teesside, which will own and manage the Tees REP.
The Spaniards form the third largest contingent competing on the MGT after Morocco and England and this shows that our events have been well received, with a good number of countries sending players to compete -- a key feature that has invigorated the tour.
Chris Moore, director of MGT, said: "We see the Tyne project as not only a major green power project for the UK, but one that will contribute positively to the local area and the North East economy, primarily in terms of local invest-menand employment.
Energy MGT will be expanding rapidly over the next few years.
The rising cost of energy, coupled with the increasing pressure on companies to enhance their environmental credentials, means Energy MGT is operating in a rapidly expanding global market.
Evaluation of the collaboration between gastroenterology/digestive oncology department and the MGT
The gas and air from the SOFC are used to drive an MGT to generate electricity.
The MGT survey queries newspaper publishers, production managers, and purchasing managers to assess the product quality, technical service, sales, and customer service of more than 12 newsprint suppliers.
The MGT Series Vertical Mixer/Granulator is designed for applications that require optimum sanitary conditions and thorough uniform mixing and granulating.