MGTLMahindra Gujarat Tractor Ltd. (India)
MGTLMicromatic Grinding Technologies Ltd. (India)
MGTLMagnetic Transmission Line
MGTLMeasured Gas Temperature Left
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In the case of an MGTL electric charges are absent; the interpretation for the pul longitudinal capacitance matrix [C.
T] is the pul transverse impedance matrix of the MGTL (units: [ohm]/m), and [[bar.
A simple MGTL configuration consisting of three equidistant circular cylindrical magnetic wires (Figure 5) is used to illustrate the application of the theory developed in the preceding sections.
If the design goal is to ensure a zero, or almost zero, attenuation dispersion system (d[alpha]/d[omega]) the MGTL system is the preferred candidate.
Results showed that the MGTL has a superluminal phase velocity and zero, or almost zero, attenuation dispersion in a wide frequency band.
T] matrices of an inhomogeneous ideal MGTL is offered here--see the MTL geometry depicted in Figure A1.