MGTOWMaximum Gross Takeoff Weight
MGTOWMen Going Their Own Way
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Another way to legally exceed MGTOW is via a supplemental type certificate.
I've heard many pilots admitting to flying over MGTOW, in some cases routinely.
Sometimes maximum operating weight is the same as MGTOW but not always.
Recognizing this, "ramp weight" was created, allowing us to begin the takeoff roll at MGTOW after taxi and run-up operations burn the gallon or so of fuel they require after engine start and before takeoff.
An hour or so into our flight, the airplane can be significantly lighter--as a proportion of MGTOW than it was on the ramp.
Even at MGTOW, all Bonanzas--whether of the 33, 35 or 36 series--are certificated in the Utility category and rated to handle 4.
A]) published for most personal airplanes is only valid at MGTOW.
S] (clean stalling speed) at various weights lower than MGTOW.
S] at MGTOW and what we'll call basic operating weight (airplane, pilot and minimum fuel) is only a few knots.