MGUMeiji Gakuin University (also seen as MG; Japan)
MGUMotor Generator Unit
MGUMichigan Gas Utilities (San Antonio, TX)
MGUMost General Unifier
MGUManaging General Underwriter (insurance)
MGUMahatma Gandhi University (Kerala India)
MGUMovement for Guatemalan Unity
MGUMidcourse Guidance Unit
MGUMature Gamers Unite! (gaming group)
MGUMobile Gallery Unit (New Zealand)
MGUMoscovsky Gosudarstvenny Universitet (Russian: Moscow State University)
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However, in general usage, the term MGU is being equated with STU like syphilis, chancroid and genital herpes etc.
O tratamento MGI, apresentou maior CG (4,51kg) em relacao ao MGU (3,36kg), mas nao diferiu do MGM (3,73kg) e nao foi observada diferenca significativa entre os tratamentos MGM e MGU.
One MGU, or even one underwriter within an MGU, might offer a discount of 10%, while another can just as easily offer a 25% discount, based on exactly the same information.
MGU seeking a partner to facilitate expansion of its existing Latin American health operations as well as offering the potential to offer products in the U.
The finiteness of the V parameter and of the V' result ensures that fresh variables can always be found outside of V, and thus that W and mgu do not fail when picking fresh variables.
5 In a 2001 study in Uganda, the presence of MGU was associated with an almost fourfold increase in the probability of HIV transmission.
Dresner was promoted to head the company's specialty insurance business unit, where he'll manage programs with MGUs and managing general agencies.
MGU is one of the largest government universities in India, established in 1983.
20pm last night, is thought to be travelling in a black Mercedes C180 with the registration plate LY51 MGU.
All courses offered by the MGU centre are regular degree programmes and so a minimum of 75 per cent attendance is compulsory.