MGVPMountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo)
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MGVP veterinarians are working with local governments to enforce rules on tourism that would minimize the gorillas' exposure to human disease.
To keep the mountain gorillas' existence as normal and disease-free as possible, MGVP veterinarians curtail their direct interventions, limiting them to situations deemed life threatening.
Following a strategic planning session in 2000, MGVP determined that the project not only needed to continue the established programs, which are important to sustainability of the species, but take a broader approach.
The latter was due not to increased gorilla mortality, but an improved ability by MGVP and other conservation organizations to find the deceased animals within a time frame that allowed for productive examination.
To lessen the threat of disease transmission, MGVP established its first employee health program database for conservation workers in the wild.
MGVP has made research a priority, supporting or facilitating seven postgraduate degrees and several veterinary student final-year research projects.