MGXMedia Gateways
MGXMicrosoft Global Exchange (employee conference)
MGXMobile Generation X Pte. Ltd. (est. 2006)
MGXMontenegro Airlines, Yugoslavia (ICAO code)
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MGX has acquired Purlucid from existing shareholders in exchange for 1.
Since announcing an acquisition and engineering partnership agreement in September 2016, MGX and PurLucid have invented new technology and filed patent applications related to brine treatment and selective lithium recovery.
Developed with ISOSYN Technology, the Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 oil specifically provides excellent soot dispersancy, as well as wear protection and sludge control to guard against loss of engine life and help reduce oil consumption.
Caltex Delo 400 MGX has been thoroughly field tested in trucks using up to 5000ppm diesel fuel sulphur levels to show its performance capability in neutralising harmful acids and retaining its alkalinity in extended-drain operations in both high and low sulphur diesel fuel environments," added Mr Mathur.
The Cisco MGX 8950 scales carrier networks by providing 10 Gbps ATM interfaces, a 180 Gbps redundant switching fabric and superior broadband density.
Today, for most of its smaller tools, Melin runs three Anca MGX CNC tool and cutter grinders.
To acquire a 100% interest in ZincNyx, MGX will make a one-time payment of CDN 250,000 and issue 1,293,333m restricted shares of the company.
MGX will provide three Micchelman products as part of its distributorship agreement: Michem In-Line Primer 030.
Add on a lightweight baitcaster, such as the Revo MGX, and your whole fishing outfit could weigh less than 10 ounces.
MGX Minerals Inc is pleased to announce it has retained former California Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco as an advisor and consultant to the Company.
4 May 2017 - Canadian mining company MGX Minerals Inc.