MGXSMedia Gear XtraDrive Secure (trademark of Mediagear, Inc.)
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Inc., Cleveland, OH, it has also meant taking delivery of its third MGX CNC tool and cutter grinder from Anca Inc., Farmington Hills, MI.
Today, for most of its smaller tools, Melin runs three Anca MGX CNC tool and cutter grinders.
The MGX features nine machine axes: five traditional rotary and linear axes and four patented soft axes.
With an integrated robotic loader and tool change times of less than five seconds, the MGX is proving very effective for high-volume precision tool grinding, says Bob Srail, Melin manufacturing manager.
Our next big step is to review the large brine resources available to MGX and Purlucid and determine the recovery efficiency and revenue potential for each resource.
Lithium-bearing brine samples will be tested from a number of locations where MGX and Purlucid have agreements or contracts in place for access to the resources.
MGX controls 45 Metallic and Industrial Mineral Permits throughout the Province of Alberta that encompass over 376,000 hectares, including 14 of the highest reported levels of lithium-bearing brine.