MGZMuzeja Grada Zagreba (Croation: Zagreb City Musuem)
MGZMittlere Greenwich Zeit (German: Greenwich Mean Time)
MGZMovimento Giovanile Zaccariano (Italian: Zachary Youth Movement)
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The MGZ was used for both direct and indirect fire, at ranges up to 3000 and 3500 meters, respectively.
Andy Robinson (Ford Fiesta) and Paul Luti (MGZ 520) both dropped their first points of the season on Saturday, leaving Tony Caig (Ford Focus) in the driving seat after a pair of outright race wins.
Zoe Harris, 26, was one of two left holding the MGZ 108 after 66 hours and 33 minutes.
In my opinion, the best article in the book is by Mitchell and two co-authors, John Geanakoplos and Stephen Zeldes (MGZ).
The Federal Register(10) refers to this allocation as "Domestic Public Mobile" and specifies the frequencies as 824 MHz to 849 MHz and 869 MGz to 894 MHz.
I'd like to thank MGZ promotions, and in particular Inigo Hernandez, for their hospitality."
[[??].sub.2] / 2m [d.sub.2] / [dz.sup.2] [[psi].sub.n] + mgz [[psi].sub.n] = [E.sub.n] [[psi].sub.n], (1)
He was in a Rover MGZ which crashed into a stationary unoccupied Mitsubishi Shogun near his home in Deganwy at around 12:25am.
Note that [[xi].sub.n] = 0, where [z.sub.n] [equivalent to] [z.sub.0][E.sub.n]/[E.sub.0], are the classical turning points of a classical bouncing ball, which are denoted in the cross points of each eigenenergy and the potential line of mgz in Figure 1.