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Using a MHAB sampling approach a total of 229 aquatic insect taxa, distributed over nine orders, 61 families, and 167 genera was collected (Table 3).
4a and b, a bimodal cell distribution is observed in both PS/9 wt% PMMA and PS/(9 wt% PMMA/1% MHABS) samples.
By image analysis, the cell size and cell density of PS/9 wt% PMMA are 22.2 [micro]m and 7.7 x [10.sup.7] cells/[cm.sup.3], respectively, while those for PS/(9 wt% PMMA/1% MHABS) are 18.6 [micro]m and 1.31 x [10.sup.8] cells/[cm.sup.3], respectively.
TEM images were taken to reveal the structure of a typical PS/(9 wt% PMMA/1 wt% MHABS) foam sample, as shown in Fig.
Two of them were pure PMMA with different molecular weights and the third one was the PMMA/10% MHABS nanocomposite.
Separate log-linear models consisting of the main effects (SEAS, SITE, and MHAB), the two-way interactions between these variables, and YEAR as a covariate fit the capture data (scaled deviance [greater than] 60.33, df = 52, P [greater than] 0.10).
extricata was active during both spring and summer (SEAS, F = 0.002, df = 1,52, P = 0.966), and, although showing no preference for a particular microhabitat (MHAB, F = 0.80, df = 3,52, P = 0.500), was captured most often in traps in grass or bare ground (Table 2).
Eleodes hispilabris, another relatively large (18-28 mm) species, displayed no significant microhabitat preferences (MHAB, F = 2.14, df = 3,52, P = 0.107), although it was often associated with traps in shrubs and cactus (Table 2).
- The total number of darkling beetles captured differed between seasons and among sites and microhabitats (SEAS, SITE, and MHAB main effects and YEAR covariate, P [less than] 0.0004).
The exfoliated PS/5 wt% MHABS gives the highest pressure drop rate due to its highest viscosity at the same screw rotation speed (10 rpm).
The exfoliated PS/5% MHABS was only foamed at one screw rotation speed (10 rpm) because of the limited amount of material.
Among the three foam samples, PS/talc, PS/5 wt% 20A, and PS/5 wt% MHABS, the densities are close while the exfoliated nanocomposite foam has the highest reduced modulus.