MHABMental Health Advisory Board (various organizations)
MHABMuseu Historico Abilio Barreto (Portuguese: Abilio Barreto Historical Museum)
MHABMental Health and Addiction Branch (Canada)
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The total number of darkling beetles captured differed between seasons and among sites and microhabitats (SEAS, SITE, and MHAB main effects and YEAR covariate, P [less than] 0.
Up to 20 wt% MHABS can be added to create a fully exfoliated nanocomposite masterbatch (54).
The exfoliated PS/5 wt% MHABS gives the highest pressure drop rate due to its highest viscosity at the same screw rotation speed (10 rpm).
The exfoliated PS/5% MHABS was only foamed at one screw rotation speed (10 rpm) because of the limited amount of material.