MHADMental Health Assistance Dogs (UK)
MHADMental Health Advance Directive (legal statement)
MHADMental Health Awareness Day (various locations)
MHADMarket High Advertising Ltd (Canada)
MHADMental Health and Disabilities Administration (Maryland)
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[126] (a) MSR Action3D (a) 94.49% accuracy; dataset; (b) Berkeley (b) 100% accuracy; MHAD Action dataset (c) 96.92% ([+ or -] [166]; (c) HDM05 0.50) accuracy dataset [167] Zhen et al.
(6.) Sujeewa Amarasena, MGK Samanlatha, MHAD de Silva, P Kolombage.
I listened to a Pink Floyd retrospective until I was on the Palisades Parkway, still for much of its length a road that was narrow, with handsome, tended plantings that always made me think of 1940, a year I knew next to nothing about except that both my parents Mhad been bom in it.