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dhatu (metals) angapratyanga (nep.) (human organ/part) lun old chengu skin waha (silver) mastisk, rain sijah (copper) hi (blood) raga, tin (lie, brass) la (flesh) paro (mercury) barna colour mhah lead kway bone jasta zinc rasa (liquid) na (iron) wa (teeth) Ratna(gems) Angapratyanga (nep.) (human organ/part) hira diamond hway bone moti earl * (13) wa teeth maiika ruby hi (blood) panna (emerald) khaipopocha (gallbladder) nira, sapphire mikha (eyes) lasune lapis-lazuli) rasa (corporal liquid) muga coral * la flesh pusparaja (topaz) chengu skin sphatic (quartz) cahti (sweat) Use of gems (ratna) in making divine sculptures show that the body is composed of different minerals.
The Multicultural HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Service (MHAHS) was involved in the conceptualization of the study and the management of data collection.
The survey was translated into Arabic and then checked for accuracy, consistency, and simplicity by Arabic-speaking health promotion workers at the MHAHS.