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Mhai told The Filipino Times that she was blessed to find a foreign employer who treated her like family.
Having worked for her employers for just eight months, Mhai said that she was being treated with generosity and kindness.
According to Mhai, the Arab family she works for are living examples of good employers.
Mhai Scott was a petite, 38-year old, divorced, Filipino mother of two young children, whose ex-husband was in the U.S.
A witness who had contact with Mhai Scott shortly before she was killed said she was very nice and polite, but a store employee called police saying she was acting erratically and threatening fellow employees with a pair of scissors and a knife.
Mhai Julka, a nurse who occupied a room upstairs, said 'I heard two more gunshots while someone was saying, 'Tama na po, hindi na po ako lalaban.' He was crying.
One of Mhai r i's neighbour s in Lennoxtown, near Glasgow, said: "Mhairi is a lovely girl and is well known in the area.
Words are not enough to express how thankful we are for your love, Mhai. You brought so much positivity into many people's lives.
Chanadh tu gu robh geataichean Ifrinn air fosgladh, 's gu robh an seann gobhar a' blathachadh a mhais ris a' bhaile.
Gwenu fel git drwy'r cwbl, cofiwch, piso chwerthin bob tro y byddwn i neu rywun arall yn sathru ar fy mhais. A chrio chwerthin am fod Tudur yn cyfri'n uchel drwy'r cwbl.