MHAQModified Health Assessment Questionnaire
MHAQMental Health Association Queensland (Annerley, Queensland, Australia)
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Scores for sleep, anxiety, and depression are higher than for any of the 8 queries of the original HAQ or MHAQ, indicating that these are greater problems to patients at this time than simple activities of daily living.
The MHAQ is a subset of 8 questions taken from the 8 domains of the original HAQ-DI.
Internal construct validity of HAQ-DI and MHAQ was assessed by Rasch Analysis.
Reliability of HAQ-DI and MHAQ was initially tested by internal consistency which is an estimate of the degree to which its constituent items are interrelated, and is assessed by Cronbach's [alpha] (26).
External construct validity was determined by testing for expected associations of HAQ-DI and MHAQ with WOMAC, WHODAS-II and NHP through the process of convergent construct validity (29).
Fit of the MHAQ item bank to partial credit model Item Location SE Individual Chi-Square Item Fit Test p Residual Statistics Dress -1.
8%) was found between the two subsets, thus supporting the unidimensionality of the MHAQ.
Reliabilities of both the HAQ-DI and MHAQ were good, with Cronbach's alpha of 0.
Although the distribution of both scales was right skewed this was more prominent in the MHAQ (Figure 3a, 3b).
The MDHAQ reduced the proportion of patients with floor effects for the HAQ and the MHAQ, from 16% and 23%, respectively, to only 5%.
1A), a total of 10 activities (items 1a-j): eight from the MHAQ and two complex activities, "walk 2 miles or 3 kilometers" and "participate in sports and games as you would like" (Table 2).
014 x PTGL 0-10 0-10 estimate of status (PTGL) Total -- 0-10 0-76 0-30 Table 2 Activities of Daily Living as Included on the HAQ, MHAQ, and MDHAQ HAQ MHAQ MDHAQ Dressing and Grooming Dress yourself, including tying shoelaces and + + + doing buttons?