MHASAMental Health Assessment and Service Agency
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Mental health assessment and service agencies (MHASAs) were created as the organizations to contract with the state for this program.
Interviews with key informants from the MHASAs indicate both similarities and differences in their management utilization strategies.
All MHASAs reported doing case reviews to determine high utilizers and the necessity of services, but did not systematically enforce these utilization management strategies (Bloom et al.
As the MHASAs were concerned with the initial level of total capitation revenue to gauge the "right" level of initial investment in treatment management and new service capacity, it is not surprising that they declined the state's offer of a reinsurance program funded from 1.5 percent of capitation payments.
The MHASAs competed for the right to be a sole contractor in an area.
When it became apparent that the MHASAs would have savings after the first year of operation, the Colorado Mental Health Services (CMHS) required all MHASAs to submit a plan for use of their savings to be approved yearly.
Cost is defined as the expenditures made by MHASAs to provide direct treatment services to their members.
Indeed, if MHASAs are competing as expected against the state's desire to see savings produced for redistribution within the system, then the MBHO areas would need to obtain at least 5 percent more savings than the DC areas to be viewed as equally successful.
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