MHASPMental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania
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These choices included presentation at scientific conferences, use in MHASP programs and public awareness events, and use in clinician sensitivity training.
The videos were shown at MHASP's Annual Bell of Hope Dinner, which is its major fundraising event, and all of the intervention participants were invited to attend.
The MHASP was a very appropriate organization with which to partner for such a project.
"The shortage of supportive housing has resulted in large numbers of homeless individuals, including those with mental illnesses, living on the streets," said Joseph Rogers, MHASP's chief of advocacy.
MHASP sponsored the rally along with Project H.O.M.E., a housing advocacy and services organization, and the People's Emergency Center, which serves homeless families.
For example, Pennsylvania's Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has approved the CPS training provided by MHASP's Institute for Recovery and Community Integration.