MHATMental Health Advisory Team (US Army)
MHATMental Health Association in Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)
MHATMental Health Assessment Team
MHATMorgan Hill Access Television (public access TV; Morgan Hill, CA)
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In sum, evidence from MHAT surveys indicates that the main sleep problem in-theatre is insufficient sleep driven by night operations and the poor sleep environment.
23) Although some sleep deprivation and disturbance are at times unavoidable, results from MHAT reports and other studies suggest insufficient sleep is in part preventable, notably that which is caused by lack of sleep planning and the poor sleep environment.
Questions pertaining to such matters were dropped from the later MHAT studies, for legitimate reasons.
This generalization is taken from the MHAT IV--VII studies.
15) In this case, the Board has determined that MHAT and Mizuho Corporate Bank are supervised on substantially the same terms and conditions as the other Japanese banks.
She is a member of the MHAT Board of Directors, and says, "I view service to the community as a personal and professional responsibility, and to assist Mental Health America of the Triangle with its mission through bolstering its marketing efforts is where I can be of most help.
Tenders are invited for "Construction - repair works (ongoing repairs) for the needs of MHAT - Pirdop AD in two separate lots": Lot 1: "Construction - repair and construction - repair works in the building of MHAT - Pirdop JSC, Pirdop, 24, G.
008-0612-C01: "Improving the working environment at MHAT Haskovo AD by ensuring good and safe working conditions".
Tenders are invited for "Transport and Treatment of Hazardous Waste for the needs of MHAT Hristo Botev JSC - Vratsa", in two lots: Lot 1: Waste Code 18 01 - Wastes from maternity, diagnosis, medical manipulation or prevention in human health, except of waste with code 18 01 10 * - Algal waste from dentistry.