MHBMental Health Board
MHBMueller Hinton Broth
MHBMedicare Hospice Benefit (est. 1983)
MHBMaterials Hazardous Only in Bulk
MHBMid-Hudson Bridge (New York)
MHBMaster Horizontal Bomber (US Navy)
MHBMedium Helicopter Battalion
MHBMunitions Holding Building
MHBMedium-Lift Helicopter Battalion
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The bactericidal concentration was the lowest concentration at which bacteria failed to grow in MHB and after plating onto Muller-Hinton agar (Smith-Palmer, Stewart, & Fyfe, 1998).
After 24h peg lids were removed, rinsed three times in PBS, then transferred onto flat-bottom microtiter plates containing 100 [micro]L of MHB per well, and biofilms were transferred from pegs to wells by centrifugation at 805 x g for 20 min.
Thymol was serially diluted in MHB along the abscissa of 96-well plates, while EDTA was diluted along the ordinate.
A series of dilutions of essential oil were prepared in MHB or SDA at final concentrations ranging from 0.
Global Banking News-July 21, 2011--Vietnam's MHB Bank raises VND196.
In the middle and the southern part of the MHB only a limited number of deep boreholes were drilled and reached the crystalline basement (Fig.
From stock solution, 100[micro]l were transferred into 96-well microtitre plates, followed by adding 90[micro]l and 80[micro]l of MHB in each wells of rows number 3 to 4.
1 percent of MHB, which is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City.
Under the bank's "equitisation" plan, which has already been cleared by the government, the state will cut its stake in MHB to 68.
In addition, MHB Holdings Pty Ltd, Wallaby Hill Pty Ltd and Craig Halliday (representing approximately 20% of eServGlobal's issued share capital in aggregate) are supportive of the transaction and have confirmed in writing to eServGlobal that in the absence of a superior proposal from a third party, they intend to vote their shares in favour of the resolution to approve the transfer.