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EFFICIENCY SCORE DERIVED COMBINATION OF DEA AND SFA Company name Efficiency MAY 0.7693 PBK 0.8709 CIMB 0.8196 HLBK 0.8354 RHBBANK 0.8146 HLFG 0.8791 AMM 0.7822 BIMB 0.8867 AHB 0.8247 LPI 0.9573 STMB 0.9465 ALLZ 0.9683 MNRB 0.9464 MHBS 0.9241 PO 0.8595 MBS 0.9009 BURSA 0.9023 ACSM 0.9819 INS 0.9675 RCE 0.9337 APX 0.9231 JOH 0.7929 ECML 0.9409 HLG 0.9627 TAE 0.8443 MAA 0.9155 Average 0.8904 Source: Data from historical data of Bloomberg terminal.
Figure 4 along with Table 3 shows that the MHBS and Cr.I decreased upon the addition of filler, either native or modified kaolin (Cs-kaolin).
Figure 5 and Table 3 show that both MHBS and Cr.I decreased after [gamma]-irradiation.
(iii) FTIR studies showed that MHBS and Cr.I increased upon the addition of modified kaolin compared to native kaolin, and the resistance of paper handsheets loaded with Cs-kaolin toward [gamma]-irradiation was higher than that of those loaded with native kaolin.
A large job involves three MHBs with three operators; two vibratory-grid rollers with an operator each; and one smooth drum vibratory roller with an operator.
From its origin as an eight-ft machine, the MHB was soon increased to 13 ft wide by adding a wing on each side of the machine.
The same is true for the MHB machines, except that sometimes a third operator acts as a ground control person on urban or "touchy" breakingjobs over unstable subgrade, Shinners says.
"We do not plan to sell the MHB at this time," says Shinners.