MHCBMizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. (Japan)
MHCBMental Health Crisis Bed (California)
MHCBMixed Hockey Club Boxmeer (Netherlands)
MHCBMile High Community Band (Denver, CO)
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The A1 ratings of MHCB incorporate: 1) MHCB's C- standalone bank financial strength rating (BFSR), which maps to b1 on the long-term scale; 2) Moody's assessment of the "very high" probability of systemic support for the three subsidiary banks of the Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
In addition to MHCB, foreign banks running in the red ink included Japan-based Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), France-based BNP Paribas (BNP), France-based Societe Generale (SG), Switzerland-based Credit Suisse (CS), America-based The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY MELLON), Holland-based ING BANK N.V.
In addition, BTMU and MUTB subsidiaries, as supported by a keep-well letter or guarantee from BTMU and MUTB, SMBC subsidiaries, as supported by a keep-well letter from SMBC, and MHCB subsidiaries, as supported by a keep-well letter from MHCB, were also affected by the action.
However, as for MHCB (specific surface area 8.2428 [m.sup.2]/g) and MLCB (specific surface area 56.0929 [m.sup.2]/g), particles aggregation was effectively weakened, and wettability and dispersion stability were enhanced as well.
In addition to taking full advantage of the functions of other group companies such as MHBK, MHSC and MHTB, MHCB utilizes its alliances with financial institutions around the world to offer a comprehensive range of leading-edge financial services and solutions on an ongoing, multifaceted basis as it aims to become a top corporate finance provider that understands the broadranging needs of its customers.
MHCB currently is engaged in loan business and settlement transactions with VEB.
MHCB (China) used the opening of its Suzhou Branch in November 2010 as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation with economic development zones in the Suzhou area.
The bank's Aa3 ratings factor in its D+ bank financial strength rating (BFSR), mapping to a baseline credit assessment of Baa3, the Aaa systemic support input for Japan bank ratings, the "very high" systemic backup likelihood for the combined banking operations of MHCB, Mizuho Bank Ltd and Mizuho Trust and Banking Company Ltd, due to the group's significance to the local finance industry, the supported group's GLC deposit rating of Aa3 and the "fully supported" group support probability factor for MHCB, Moody's said.
( MHCB ; Yasuhiro Sato, President & CEO) and Mizuho Corporate Bank Nederland N.V.
has assigned an A1 rating to the senior notes issued by Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd (MHCB).
MHCB will seek to offer a full range of support to its Japanese customers, many of whom already own established businesses in Turkey or who are conducting business with Turkish firms.
( MHCB ) entered into a Non Exclusive general business cooperation agreement on 3 September 2012.