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MHCDMental Health Corporation of Denver (Colorado)
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However, since MHCD's EHR previously contained only "going forward" records--electronic records dating forward from October 2003, Clark said that past medication information often wasn't available in the EHR.
To imagine the kinds of ECM record structure it would need, MHCD did a lot of advance work, Clark says.
From the outset the MHCD committee wondered whether it could in good conscience even join the prioritizing process at all.[37] its reservations about equitably prioritizing mental and physical health stemmed from the Kaplan methodology, which was biased in favor of acute conditions.
Once the MHCD committee sorted and ranked mental health conditions, the health list was reviewed by mental health experts within and outside the state.
While HIPAA compliance is a prerequisite for MHCD's information-technology providers, Williams says it's the sudden rush of new business from the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion that makes HOSTING invaluable.
With that spirit at the forefront of his mind, Clark joined MHCD, the community mental health center for Denver County, in the early 1990s as the associate medical director.
Not long after Clark was named CEO of MHCD in 2000, the organization started "seriously focusing on recovery." They wanted to develop a system of measuring individual consumers' recovery, but realized quickly the challenges of that, since recovery means different things to different people.
Upon her discharge, CCH took her back into its transitional housing and MHCD continued working with her.
Through MHCD's "2Succeed in Education and Employment" program, she obtained a competitive job at Denny's, working 40 hours per week.
Clark, who grew up in Tulsa, Okla., and earned his medical degree from the University of Colorado, joined MHCD in 1989 and was named CEO 10 years ago.
Carl Clark, CEO of MHCD, who still practices as a psychiatrist.
"They're not things we generally think about when people go to work, but it has to do with social connections and relationships and involvement," Clark of MHCD says.