MHCIMajor Histocompatibility Complex Class I (cancer immunity)
MHCIMyosin Heavy Chain Isoform (cell physiology)
MHCIMasters of Human-Computer Interaction (Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
MHCIMultimodal Human-Computer Interaction
MHCIMental Health Crisis Intervention (various locations)
MHCIMichigan Health Care Institute
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IFN-[gamma] can regulate the expression of CD80/86, two costimulatory molecules of MHCI and MHC-II, promote the production of inducible nitric oxide synthesase (iNOS) and activate the oxygen dependent and independent bactericidal system of macrophages leading to the macrophage activation.
M153R codes for a factor involved in MHCI and FasCD95 down-regulation.
In addition, there are reports that NDV induces NF[kappa]B and upregulates the expression of MHCI genes.
In addition, a significant maternal lymphocytic response was also detectable in specimens expressing MHCI peptides, with a close association with growth retardation and fetal death in earlier SCNT-derived pregnancies.
In adult rat skeletal muscles, there are four myosin heavy chains: MHCI, which will express slow-contracting of I type and, MHCIIa, MHCIId and MHCIIb, present in fastcontracting fibers of IIA, IID and IIB types, respectively (Campos et al., 2002).
Tambourgi, "Loxosceles spider venom induces metalloproteinase mediated cleavage of MCP/CD46 and MHCI and induces protection against C-mediated lysis," Immunology, vol.
Moreover, as the eye is considered immune-privileged and since hBMSCs are immunosuppressive and present low levels of antigen presenting MHCI and MHCII, our current and previous [12] studies suggest that allogeneic transplantation of these cells using our method in the EVSC compartment is predicted to be safe in patients with no need for immunosuppression.
They usually react in response to viral antigens presented on MHCI molecules, but can also recognize and lyse stressed cells, which many cardiac cells are shortly after MI [81].
We checked the change of MHCs mRNA in the transformed TA muscle, but levels of MHCI, MHCIIa and MHCIIb were not significantly changed as compared with those in the control muscle (data not shown).
Drotman Memorial Award: Scott Michael Robertson, MHCI, a researcher at Penn State University;