MHCNMobile Health Clinics Network (San Francisco, CA)
MHCNMixed Hockey Club Nieuwegein (Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
MHCNMyosin Heavy Chain-Neonatal (gene)
MHCNMedicine Hat Community Network (Canada)
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The influential Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) (2010) framework--see Box B in section 5--can be read to suggest that trying to move the fundamental factors behind malnutrition--poverty, access to food, health and sanitation--may take so long that the overwhelming priority should be direct interventions such as MHCN, micro-nutrient supplementation, and therapeutic feeding.
The only bivariate correlations which are significant at least at the 95% level are between: TRAIN and R&D (r = 0.52 p = 0.004), ROT and EM.TR (r = 0.49 p = 0.008), and MHCN and ROB (r = 0.48 p = 0.009).
Descriptive Statistics EMPL R&D TECH MHCN ROB COM JIT Mean 167 1.1 2.9 3.4 2.3 18.9 30.6 S.D.