MHCRCMt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission
MHCRCMental Health Clinical Research Center (various organizations)
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The MHCRC felt that "the critical need to ensure that a maximum variety of choices concerning high-speed access to the Internet be available to users and citizens of any income level or social status" justified an open access requirement, which is similar to an unbundling or a leased access provision.(94) Variations on unbundling or leased access could also potentially be used to address the problem.(95)
The most direct expression of authority, relied on in part by the MHCRC to justify local open access requirements, comes in 47 U.S.C.
Part of the concern that led the MHCRC to suggest the open access requirement was a concern that cable Internet access would be the only viable means of obtaining high-speed Internet access for substantial groups of people.(134) The MHCRC felt that the open access requirement would help maximize the number of people with high-speed access and avoid an "`information-rich' vs.