MHCSMulticultural Health Communication Service
MHCSManaged Health Care System (health care provider)
MHCSMurray Hill Chinese School (New Jersey)
MHCSMental Hygiene Consultation Service
MHCSMaster Human Capital Strategist (Human Capital Institute)
MHCSMental Health Crisis Service (emergency healthcare)
MHCSMust Haves & Can't Stands (online dating)
MHCSMental Health Court Support
MHCSMatthews Health Coding Solutions (Australia)
MHCSMullica Hill Cold Storage (Mullica Hill Group; New Jersey)
MHCSMental Health Charting System (Anzer IT Solutions)
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On the other hand, T-cells present on their surface a specific receptor known as T-cell receptor (TCR) that enables the recognition of antigens when they are displayed on the surface of antigen-presenting cells (APCs) bound to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules.
The inception of MHCs was considered a favorable opportunity to deal with this specific population.
MHCs are often paired with other reforms aimed at keeping the mentally ill out of jail.
Noting that many of the current integrated health care practices include social workers and psychologists, Bowling Aitken and Curtis (2004) urged mental health counselors (MHCs) to "aggressively seek ways to enter this promising market" (p.
Alleles of MHC class I supertypes A2, A3, B15, B57 and ABX were well respondents for promiscuous predicted epitopes.
Bought from an Austrian based company LIEBHERR, the LHM 550 MHC's are set to increase the port's handling capacity.
As an alternative, commercial biological suppliers sell MHCs fixed in standard preservative formulations.
MHCs recognize invading germs, reject or accept transplanted organs and play a role in helping vertebrates smell compatible mates.
MHCs were developed in an attempt to solve the problem of criminalizing the mentally ill; this phenomenon occurs when the mentally ill are arrested and prosecuted for minor offenses rather than being treated by the mental health system.
There is little data available on the effectiveness of the MHCs, partly because the initiatives are new.
In 2005, Vela closed several transactions, with one extraordinary transaction in Grayslake, IL: $75 million for Saddlebrook Farms MHC, a 700 acre senior manufactured housing community with 1,435 developed home sites located in the Chicago/Milwaukee corridor.