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MHDMagnetohydrodynamic (conversion; nuclear energy)
MHDMicro Hybrid Drive
MHDMalteser Hilfsdienst (medical help organization)
MHDMulti Head Disk
MHDMoving Head Disk
MHDMestska Hromadna Doprava (Czech Republik)
MHDMassachusetts Highway Department
MHDMindesthaltbarkeitsdatum (German: Best Before; food labeling)
MHDMental Health Day
MHDMedium Human Development
MHDMental Health Directorate (various locations)
MHDMethodist Health System
MHDMinnesota Health Department
MHDMashhad, Iran (Airport Code)
MHDMy Heart's Desire (various organizations)
MHDMilitary History Detachment
MHDMatt Hotch Designs (Fullerton, CA)
MHDMad House Designs
MHDMovimento Humanismo e Democracia (Brazil)
MHDMovimento Humanista Democrático (Portuguese: Humanist Democratic Movement; Portugal and Brazil)
MHDMiejski Handel Detaliczny (food distributor in Poland)
MHDMatratzenhorchdienst (German slang humor: sleeping)
MHDMetal Home Digest
MHDMoving-Head Disk
MHDMulberry Heart Disease
MHDMedical Holding Detachment
MHDMaritime Homeland Defense
MHDMinimum Hemolytic Dose
MHDMultiple-Hyperplane Detector
MHDMetering Head Differential
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Mhd Amin Nordin agreed however that Tengku Adnan as the minister had complied with existing procedures by forwarding Aset Kayamas' requests to DBKL, and that Tengku Adnan had not written directly to Aset Kayamas.
On February 13, the MHD began its house-to-house immunization campaign targeting infants and children aged six months to 59 months old (5 years old).
Survival curves were estimated by the Kaplan-Meier method forfirst pneumonia-related hospitalization after 3-month MHD and all-cause mortality.
Bagewadi, "MHD flow and heat transfer of a dusty fluid over a stretching sheet," International Journal of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, vol.
In this work, the finite element solution for the unsteady magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) flow of an electrically conducting, incompressible viscous fluid past through porous medium between two parallel plates in the presence of a transverse magnetic field and Hall effect is considered.
MHD patients had significantly elevated concentrations of serum urea, creatinine, and hs-CRP levels, compared with HV patients.
The analytical study on unsteady one-dimensional natural convective MHD flow of a viscous incompressible and electrically conducting fluid past an exponentially accelerated infinite vertical porous plate through a porous medium with variable temperature is presented.
Employing the standard energy method, it is easy to prove that, for given initial data ([u.sub.0], [b.sub.0]) [member of] [H.sup.s] ([R.sup.3]) with s > 1/2, there exist a positive time [mathematical expression not reproducible] and a unique smooth solution (u(t, x), b(t, x)) on [0, T) to the MHD equations satisfying
Key Words: MHD Mixed Convection, Flow through porous surface, Non-linearly shrinking surface.
To address the need for a better understanding of alcohol craving among Veterans deployed to Iraq and/or Afghanistan who present with co-occurring mTBI, MHDs, and AUD, we examined self-reported alcohol craving in a sample of Veterans with active MHD symptoms with and without mTBI symptoms.
In early July 2013, the City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) was notified by the Wisconsin Division of Public Health of an increase in reported cases of legionellosis in southeastern Wisconsin.