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MHDIMunicipal Human Development Index (socioeconomic indicator)
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The municipalities with TB, but without DRTB cases had significantly (p < 0.01): the lowest per capita household income of the three groups, as well as the lowest MHDI, life expectancy at birth, and per capita GDP.
Joinville is an industrial city (Cabral et al., 2016) with 562,151 inhabitants and is the biggest city of the state, with a MHDI equal to 0.809 (Instituo Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica [IBGE], 2016).
Just two years after establishing commitment to MHDI, the legislature instituted the first sex-based division concerning these civil commitments.
Secondary variables identified as contextual determinants of caries were MHDI (adjusted coefficient [beta] = -0.213), water fluoridation ([beta] = -0.201), and households connected to the water system ([beta] = -0.197).
On the other hand, Tremedal is a small municipality with an MHDI of 0.528, which represents low development, and relies on the linkage to federal government social programs, especially for investments in education, health, basic sanitation and infrastructure sectors (36).
We found two organizations that were already risk-adjusting their ratings: CHQC and MHDI. CHQC risk adjusts their indicators of medical/surgical and obstetric outcomes using its own risk-adjustment system known as Cleveland Hospital Outcome Indicators.
With an overview of the FNS situation in the municipalities, this study makes an in-depth analysis of the results obtained in the access-to-food dimension, its determinant factors and its relation to the Municipal Human Development Index (MHDI).
In October 1995, a report card was disseminated by the Minnesota Health Data Institute (MHDI) to the general public through a newspaper supplement.
Therefore, we chose to use the Municipal Human Development Index (MHDI) as a variable for measuring the socioeconomic status of districts, due to its composition.
The municipal human development index (MHDI) is 0.775, placing it in 11th place among all cities in the state and has an average per capita income of R$ 521.67 (16).