MHDPMental Health Diversion Program
MHDPMental Health Demonstration Project
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Children in the 26 Non-interventional Anganwadi centre did not receive MHDP supplementation.
MHDP was given during the mid morning and mid afternoon according to standard doses.
At each visit ICDS staff including Anganwadi worker, helper of Anganwadi workers and parents were recounselled about quantity and frequency of MHDP. Any medical problem identified during visit was treated.
At the end of the study, 244 children remained for follow-up, of whom 121 received nutritional supplementation (MHDP) and 123 did not receive nutritional supplementation.
It was found that the Mean weight gain in 2 months was as follows: MHDP (n=121): The Mean weight gain at 2 months was higher in the Intervention group (n=123): 680 gm as compare to control group (n=123) 82 gm (SE=0.07; 95% CI 0.87-0.35) p < 0.001 (Highly Significant).
In previous years, USGS's hypothetical scenarios have successfully called California residents to action; the MHDP's earthquake project, for example, led to the largest emergency preparedness drill in the nation.