MHDRMaximum Hourly Design Rate (emissions)
MHDRMaximum Hamming Distance with Respect to Rank
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cmac = aes128_cmac (AppKey, MHDR | AppEUI | DevEUI I DevNonce) (1)
cmac = aesl28_cmac (NwkKey, MHDR | AppEUI | DevEUI | DevNonce) MIC = cmac [0 ...
Contract notice: The contract is for the supply of 4 192 ir radioactive sources along with their installation and conduct periodic inspections mhdr camera.
Contract notice: Full implementation of care service linear accelerators, simulator, software, and supply sources of radiation for the camera to brachytherapy and service mhdr for radiotherapy department
2 mHDR Camera Support Services (review, replacement parts specified source and exchange in the review) amount-12 services.