MHGSMars Hill Graduate School (Washington)
MHGSMetropolitan Holy Ghost Society
MHGSMidwest Historical and Genealogical Society
MHGSMary Hare Grammar School (Newbury, Berkshire, England, UK)
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* The MHG should refuse to listen to recordings one parent has made of the other party, especially if the recording was made without the knowledge or permission of the second party.
A joint Romanian/ American research team developed an additional, nested case-control study examining risk factors for the development of methemoglobinemia (MHG).
Recently, questions have been raised about the role that diarrheal disease and infectious and inflammatory states play in the development of infantile MHG (3,4).
The development of a detailed exposure assessment (milligrams per kilogram per day) for nitrate/nitrite intake, considering all dietary sources of nitrate/nitrite for each of the children in the study, allowed us to examine the relationship between nitrate/nitrite exposure as a risk factor for MHG and other risk factors such as diarrheal disease.
Infants 6 months of age and younger are at higher risk of MHG (14,19-24).
Diarrheal disease has been explored recently as a cause of MHG at lower environmental exposures near the maximum contaminant limit (MCD (3,4,28).
And, unlike professional interventions, people can attend MHGs as intensively and for as long as they desire, without insurance approval or divulgence of personally identifying information.
Another naturalistic study of 3,018 male inpatients drawn from 15 Department of Veterans Affairs treatment programs found that after controlling for confounders, patients who attended only 12-step MHGs during a 1-year follow-up were more likely to be abstinent and free of alcohol-dependence symptoms than patients who received only outpatient treatment.
Questions sometimes arise as to whether MHGs are less suitable for certain populations.
Research suggests that involvement in MHGs may reduce the need for more costly professional treatment services.
Evaluation: In clinical practice MHGs often assess the likelihood of future impulsivity based on past behaviors (e.g., drug abuse, reckless driving, etc.).
Another common boundary issue is not exploring client gift-giving because of the counselor's discomfort about the class differences that are common between MHGs and their clients.