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MHHRMedicine Hat Horse Registry
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the relevant regulations and guidelines must be observed: - bauo bln, - bauverfv, - bauvorlvo, - mbo (musterbauordnung), - asr (workplace directive), - mschulbaur (muster-schulbau-rl), - mvv tb (model administrative regulation, technical building regulations), - vstttvo (assembly venue ordinance), - m-lar (sample ventilation system rl), - mlar (sample line rl), - mhhr (muster-hochhaus-rl), - m-garvo (muster-garagenverordnung), - muster-rl feuerwehrfreiflchen, - model directive areas fire department explanato
a special feature of the planned construction project is the model-specific skyscraper guideline (mhhr), which may need to be considered depending on the design.
(3)-Repair and provision of deep hand pump at LXing & colony Repair of fencing at LPB KHE & MHHR Improvement of drainage system at GJL and AMRO heavy repair to PF surface at various station Heavy repair to road of colonies at GJL & AMRO under ADENHPU.