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MHHSMemorial Hermann Healthcare System (Houston, TX)
MHHSMulticultural Helping House Society (Canada)
MHHSMountain Home High School (various locations)
MHHSMedicine Hat High School (Alberta, Canada)
MHHSMount Hebron High School (Maryland)
MHHSMt. Hope High School (West Virginia)
MHHSMount Horeb High School (Mount Horeb, WI)
MHHSMaple Heights High School (Maple Heights, Ohio)
MHHSMadison Heights High School (Anderson, IN)
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A proclamation on the Philippine Independence Day signed by Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brody was also presented to MHHS President Tomas Avendano.
Model households (MHHs) including both male and female heads were a key integrated HoPE intervention that helped improve the social acceptability of FP.
The above table shows more FHHs accumulating productive assets in relation to MHHs in both A2 and A1 farming areas with 28.1% compared to 12.5% in the former owning tractors.
The result shows that 26.4% had participated, with 40%, 28.5% and 2.4% of these being from MHHs, FHHs and W in MHH, respectively.
(12,18) Studies have shown good short-term outcomes at 1 year post-operative for return to sports activity, restored range of motion (ROM), decreased symptoms, and scores on the mHHS and HOS ADL and sport HOS (Table 2).
Connecting all building controls and fire alarm systems onto one platform for the entire campus will improve MHHS's overall control of systems and deliver significant energy consumption savings.
Robert Chatburn MHHS, RRT-NPS, FAARC Friday May 10, 2013 3:00pm - 4:00pm
The MHHS is used in many postoperative studies to assess efficacy and patient outcomes.
Opened in 1999, Memorial Hermann Healthcare Systems ' (MHHS) Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) continues a long history of delivering alcohol and drug treatment services to the Houston area.
Early-life stress variables from the 'childhood' module were included, as follows: parental death before age 17, parental divorce before age 17, separation from parent(s) before age 17, male head of the household (MHH) mostly unemployed in childhood (excluding MHHs who stayed at home to raise children), and female head of the household (FHH) mostly unemployed in childhood (excluding FHHs who stayed at home to raise children or stayed at home because their partners did not want them to work).
Memorial Hermann Hospital System (MHHS) adopted IBM software and services in concert with IBM Business Partner CGI's Sovera solution to help it improve patient care and efficiency as well as lower costs.
Also, income transfer programs need to take into account the potentially unique needs of FHHs, given that these households contain one, rather than two parents, which is the norm among MHHs. As an example, programs need to recognize that children in FHHs are more likely to drop out, because of those households' increased need to utilize child labor in order to survive, and design poverty programs accordingly.