MHHWMean Higher High Water
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Units are in meters above mean higher high water (MHHW) calculated over 1998-2016.
The surface of the pit is situated c.3.1 m above the Mean Higher High Water (MHHW) mark and c.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at Cedar Key, Florida, [approximately]23 km from the study site, provided records of sea level since 1939 and annual mean higher high water (MHHW, the higher of the two high tides each day).
To recreate histories of tidal flooding in each plot, effective plot elevation (elevation above sea level) was modified for the years 1924-1994 based on the difference between MHHW in each year and MHHW in 1992.
The lower elevations measured were below the level of MHHW (mean higher high water - the higher of the two tides each day) recorded at Cedar Key, Florida, during the study (MHHW [greater than] 0.48 m NAVD88).
This storm brought high winds, gusting to 44 m/s (85 knots) at Cedar Key, Florida (Goodbred and Hine 1995), and a storm surge [greater than]1.7 m above MHHW (mean higher high water) at our study site.