MHISMicrosoft Host Integration Server
MHISMoët Hennessy Information Services (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy)
MHISMaxim Health Information Services (est. 1999; Gardena, CA and Beachwood, OH)
MHISMartinelli's Handyman and Inspection Service (Cool, CA)
MHISMutual Health Insurance Scheme (Ghana)
MHISMental Health Information Strategy (various nations)
MHISMetro Hartford Information Services (Hartford, CT)
MHISManaged Healthcare Information Services, Inc. (Roseville, CA; est. 1989)
MHISModified Hachinski Ischemia Scale
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We are confident that MHIs acquisition of the program is the best solution for airline customers, employees and shareholders.
Among them, a robust representation of movements, called the motion history image (MHI), has been widely used to describe motion information within a video.
Velastin, "Multi-view Human Action Recognition Using Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG) Description of Motion History Images (MHIs)," in Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, FIT 2015, pp.
Little is known about the process of developing mental health information systems (MHIS) at primary care level in this country.
We selected the Mental Health Inventory, five-item version (MHIS) as the primary health outcome (Ware and Sherbourne 1992).
For instance, during the visit the PCP discussed Keegan's diagnosis and treatments, so that information is translated into coding that the insurance company's managed healthcare information system (MHIS) can understand.
This is the second agreement entered by Inmarsat and MHI, following the launch services contract awarded to MHIs H-IIA Launch Vehicle in 2017.
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DHS: Total ($1.639 billion); Administration ($16.3 million); Field Operations ($66.52 million); CSRU ($14.17 million); Toledo ($8.86 million); Eldora ($11.26 million); Cherokee (Civil Commitment Sex Offenders) ($9.42 million); MHIs Cherokee ($5.95 million); Clarinda ($6.75 million); Independence ($10.32 million); Mt.
MHis agent Luke Sutton lodged a protest against Moores' imminent departure by posting angry tweets - which he later deleted - raging: "If the rumours are true, this is an appalling way to treat a throughly decent man.
In [1], motion energy images (MEIs) and motion history images (MHIs) are formed by temporally accumulated silhouettes, and then Seven Hu moments [7] and Gabor [8] features are extracted from both MEIs and MHIs to serve as action descriptors; Gaussian mixture models (GMM) is utilized in [11] to capture the distribution of the moments of silhouette sequences.
The scrubber was developed based on MHPSs comprehensive flue-gas treatment technologies cultivated through desulfurization systems for thermal power plants, leveraging MHIs expertise in marine engineering.