MHITMental Health Interpreter Training (est. 2003)
MHITMental Health Intervention Team (various organizations)
MHITMitsubishi Heavy Industries Thailand Ltd. (Thailand)
MHITMing Hsin Institute of Technology (now Minghsin University of Science and Technology; Hsinchu County, Taiwan)
MHITMental Health Issues Today (journal)
MHITMonthly High Income Trust (investment)
MHITMedicare Hospital Insurance Tax
MHITModified High Intensity Training (fitness)
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All the BVH patients were examined clinically before MHIT. A separate questionnaire was sent on average 3.5 (range, 1-7) years after the diagnosis about their present balance difficulties, dizziness, frequency of unsteadiness, and influence on the quality of life.
An example of the MHIT of a patient, who was suffering from bilateral Meniere's disease, is shown in Figure 1.
The mean gain[+ or -]SD in the MHIT of 23 patients with the BVH was 0.26[+ or -]0.17 on the right and 0.26[+ or -]0.14 on the left side.
We found 23 patients with BVH confirmed with the MHIT in our vestibular laboratory.
The MHIT is motorized version of quantitative head impulse tests, which are capable of detecting dysfunction of individual semicircular canal [8].
However, low fits at later times were found in Z components of MHIT station (Figure 4).