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MHKMohawk Industries (stock symbol)
MHKMerkez Hakem Komitesi (Central Referee Committee, Turkey)
MHKMember of the House of Keys (Tynwald, IOM, UK)
MHKManhattan, KS, USA - Manhattan Municipal (Airport Code)
MHKMuzeu Historik Kombetar (Albanian: Historical National Museum)
MHKMuseum Het Kruithuis (Dutch: Museum of Contemporary Art)
MHKMarine & Hydro-Kinetic (energy)
MHKMoorish Holy Koran (Islam)
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MHK is the world's largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles, the second largest carpet and rug manufacturer in the U.S., and a leading producer of laminate flooring in Europe and the U.S.
Commissioned as part of a $600,000 (AED2.2m) contract, MHK will use the Stow Atlas system to optimise the storage of frozen foods, thus ensuring high throughput.
Fu [14] proposed an MHK model that considers self-confidence based on the classical HK model.
Kragh founded MHK Architecture & Planning in 2009.
The MHK system basically harnesses energy from the motion of swell waves nine to 18 metres deep; its wings convert the elliptical motion of the waves into linear mechanical motion to drive a magnetic generator which is connected by cable to onshore power grid.
In addition to commercialization by Verdant Power of the MHK tidal energy technology to provide clean, locally generated, renewable power under its FERC license, this array of turbines will form the core of a collaborative research program.
"The question is where--as an airport that is already struggling to be self-sufficient--that money is going to come from?" Peter VanKuren estimates that it would cost MHK: "in the vicinity of $350,000" to pay its own ATC costs each year.
Based on a joint study between Meydan and MHK Group, we identified the specialities that are lacking in the country."
Neurological recovery in CHK group was 31.8 Percent while in MHK group it was 40.0 Percent .
MHK: Being raised as a Muslim in a largely non-Muslim society, the question of non-Muslim salvation is going to be in my mind, and it is going to be an issue when you have fellow Muslims saying that only Muslims can be saved.