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Therefore, the hierarchical and multiperiod facility location models can be applied to MHLP of THUAA, which are reviewed as follows.
Therefore, the application of multiperiod HFLP models to MHLP of THUAA is innovative and has practical significance.
The essence of MHLP of THUAA can be explained as follows: (i) in a given UAA, the transportation network and passenger demand are known, and the planning horizon is divided into several time periods; (ii) a hub can only serve the demands in its coverage area; and (iii) the target is to choose appropriate administrative districts or cities for different-level hubs in each period, thus satisfying different-level demands in UAA and minimizing the total demand weighted travel time.
Considering the feature of the encoding and decoding for the MHLP model, improved adaptive clonal selection algorithm (IACSA) is put forward, in which the idea of SA is introduced into ACSA, thus ensuring global optimization and fast convergence.
In this paper, the changes of passenger demand and the development of transportation network in the process of rapid urbanization are considered and MHLP of THUAA is studied.