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Sales volume in 3Q18 fell 17.3% compared to 3Q17, due to the lower share of the B2B channel in the Federal Government's My Home My Life ("MHML") Program, in addition to the aforementioned economic factors.
Particularly, SSBR/BR/DNS-DPG-3 exhibited the highest MHML value among all the tested rubber-matrix composites, which meant that the rubber-filler interaction was the strongest in SSBR/BR/DNSDPG-3 nanocomposite.
The Mooney viscosity (ASTM D 1646) and the vulcanization characteristics of the compounds, such as the scorch time (ts2), the vulcanization time (t90), the maximum rheometer torque difference (MHML) as a measure for crosslink density, and the cure rate (CR), defined as (MH-ML)/(t90-ts2), were determined using an MDR rheometer according to ASTM D 5289 at a temperature of 180[degrees]C.