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MHOMunicipal Health Office (various locations)
MHOMy Humble Opinion
MHOMedical Health Officer
MHOMonster Hunter Orage
MHOMental Health Organization
MHOReciprocal Ohm (unit of conductance; ohm spelled backwards)
MHOMilitary History Online (website)
MHOMinnesota Historical Organizations
MHOMinerals Held Orally
MHOMaterials Handling Operation
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In this study, 57 participants among 112 were considered MHO (51%); this percentage is higher than 37.2% MHO and overweight participants in a recent study done on a Lebanese population by Matta et al.
From these participants, 7304 were excluded for the following reasons: (1) did not have at least four valid days of accelerometer wear time, (2) were less than 12 years of age and therefore have no age- and sex-specific cut-points for cardiometabolic risk factors used to categorize youth as MHO or non-MHO, (3) did not have a BMI [greater than or equal to] 30 kg/[m.sup.2] for adults or the 95th percentile for youth, or (4) had missing data for at least one cardiometabolic risk factor used for the categorization of MHO.
The area under the curve (C-statistic) was 0.902, implying high discrimination ability of the model and consequently of both apoA-I and the apoB: apoA-I ratio in identifying those being MHO among all the obese participants.
Overall, 28.3% of the adults living with obesity had MHO. MHO individuals tended to be more active, younger, female, and never smokers and were also less likely to be have a physician diagnosed sleep disorder or belong to the Non-Hispanic White ethnic group (p < 0.05).
How have you and MHO been able to create housing that is both affordable and green?
Recognizing that TRICARE access standards were insufficient to meet the access needs of MHO Soldiers, LTG Peake mandated enhanced access standards for MHO patients.
In the first part 20 cases were input into the computer by the researcher with the MHO sitting alongside selecting the value of each variable on the entry screens.
The MHO made a concrete wage offer on December 17, but this offer fell far below what the nurses wanted.
For the June 30, 2018 LTM period, MHO reported negative $34 million of CFFO.
"Therefore we recommend that everyone with MHO work with their doctor to lose weight or at least maintain their current weight, exercise more and make other lifestyle changes so they don't develop metabolic syndrome."
This landscape suggests four well-defined phenotypes existence in human beings according to body composition and metabolic status: (a) healthy normal weight (HNW), (b) metabolically obese normal weight (MONW), (c) metabolically disturbed obese (MDO), and (d) metabolically healthy obese (MHO) [6-8].
Progress Energy and the Community Energy Advisory Council recently granted Mountain Housing Opportunities (MHO) $4,100 to purchase CFLs, or compact fluorescent bulbs, for Crowell Park, their newest affordable rental property project in West Asheville.