MHPCCMaui High Performance Computing Center
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"Our selection methods are rigorous to ensure the technology we adopt is reliable, robust and mature enough to support our demanding environments," said Major Kevin Benedict, Program Manager at MHPCC. "The Linux cluster from Linux Networx has proven to be a high productivity system and is helping the HPCMP achieve our computing objectives."
Defense laboratories, such as MHPCC and ASC, to conduct a wide range of focused research, development, and test activities.
The clusters delivered to MHPCC and ASC MSRC are part of a larger contract Linux Networx won with the DoD earlier this year to deliver a total of six cluster computer systems to DoD HPCMP centers, including a 2,132-processor system Linux Networx is building for the Army Research Laboratory.
Both Linux Networx clusters delivered to MHPCC and ASC MSRC include 256 dual Intel(R) Xeon(TM) 3.06 GHz processors, disk storage from DataDirect, Gigabit Ethernet technology and Clusterworx(R) and Icebox(TM) management tools from Linux Networx.
An earlier version of the IBM supercomputer at MHPCC played a key role in the space shuttle Discovery flight that carried U.S.
"This latest acquisition enables MHPCC to provide DoD researchers with the newest high performance computing technology to support their requirements," said Gene Bal, director of MHPCC.
"The additional capability and increased performance to be deployed at MHPCC will provide DoD Challenge Projects, our most demanding and highest priority computational projects, with the ability to solve whole new classes of problems and provide much improved turnaround times."
MHPCC is ranked among the Top 100 most powerful supercomputer facilities in the world.
The synergy between UH, MHPCC, and IBM will provide the resources needed to establish UH as a leader in research computing.
The machine substantially augments the supercomputing power that's based in the state of Hawaii, already home to MHPCC, one of the world's most prestigious supercomputer facilities.
Together, Blue Hawaii and MHPCC form a powerful technology foundation for the burgeoning scientific research initiatives located in Hawaii.
"IBM is proud to work with UH and MHPCC in providing the university with the industry's most popular supercomputer, which will help researchers achieve their important goals more quickly and with better results."