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MHPRMiddle Hitter Pablo Rankings
MHPRMiddlesex Hospital Patient Resource (Connecticut)
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Various experiments are performed to evaluate the performance of proposed CVS system from some perspectives, and their results demonstrated that the proposed ST-Q used in our codec reduces effectively the quantization errors of measurements so as to guarantee a better rate-distortion performance when compared with the uniform SQ, DPCM-plus-SQ and SDPC, and the proposed MA-R algorithm has the superior performance than the existing reconstruction methods DISCOS and MHPR in both PSNR and visual quality.
Average PSNR (in dB), SSIM and Processing Time (s/frame) comparison of various reconstruction methods for all test sequences at the different subrates Reconstruction Method Subrate DISCOS [24] MHPR [25] PSNR SSIM Time PSNR SSIM Time 0.1 26.39 0.7391 11.25 27.84 0.7984 1.97 0.2 28.31 0.8093 8.39 30.16 0.8740 2.03 0.3 28.98 0.8325 7.89 31.50 0.9047 2.07 0.4 29.86 0.8583 8.44 32.90 0.9292 2.11 0.5 30.61 0.8791 8.82 33.94 0.9451 2.16 Avg.
When either DPM or TOL is included in the regression, the coefficient estimate on MHPR is no longer statistically significant, suggesting that food waste per se did not contribute to provincial variations in death rates, although other aspects of radicalism raised the death toll.