MHRRMinistry for Human Rights and Refugees (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
MHRRMount Hood Railroad
MHRRMaximum Heart Rate Reserve
MHRRManor House Rural Retreats (UK)
MHRRMantel-Haenszel Rate Ratio (physical education)
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The MHRR for every single athlete was respectively calculated based on the Karvonen equation (1) and was also controlled during exercise by a heart rate monitor (made in Finland-Polar), and maximum repetition was determined using equation (2) [17-18].
There are two main issues involved in the implementation of a low-overhead cache miss trap: the wiring of the MHAR and MHRR into the existing processor datapath, and the implicit control flow change on a cache miss.
Rather than reissuing the marked instruction, however, the machine issues the implicit branch-and-link instruction with a PC address equal to the informing memory operation (so that the MHRR is loaded with the appropriate return address).