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Compared to traditional hospital-centric healthcare which not only lacks efficiency when dealing with identifying some serious diseases in early stages but also suffers from limited healthcare information [4], MHSN enables continuous health monitoring and timely diagnosis to the patients in the smart city.
Table 1: Functionality comparison of data sharing schemes in MHSN. Zhang et al.
In this paper, we focus on the secure health data and social data sharing and collaboration in MHSN for smart cities and propose a detailed construction based on ABE and IBBE.
We list the key features of our scheme in Table 1 and make a comparison of our scheme with several data sharing schemes in MHSN in terms of health data confidentiality, health data access control, outsourced encryption and decryption, data authorization, and social data collaboration.
Our scheme proposes an efficient CP-ABE construction with outsourced encryption and decryption to achieve efficient fine-grained access control of health data and provides a secure solution for the collaboration of different service providers by transforming the ABE-encrypted health data and IBBE-encrypted social data into an IBE-encrypted one that can only be decrypted by an authorized healthcare analyzer such as specialists, since IBE is more suitable to be employed on resource-constrained mobile devices in MHSN.
In MHSN, the fusion of health data and social data facilitates a novel paradigm of authorized infection analysis.
Intelligent healthcare, which is one of the intelligent services in the smart city, contains various health-related applications in MHSN, such as home care and emergency alarm [24].
This problem will become even worse in the face of resource-limited wearable devices or mobile sensors in MHSN, since it needs to perform burdensome computation tasks for fine-grained data access control when adopting the ABE algorithm.