MHSPMental Health Service Provider (counselor)
MHSPMental Health Services Plan (Department of Health and Human Services; Montana)
MHSPMalvern Hills Science Park (UK)
MHSPMile High Sneaky Pete (pool cue)
MHSPMiddle Harbor Shoreline Park (Oakland, CA)
MHSPMississippi Highway Safety Patrol
MHSPMental Health Support Project (Canada)
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Having successfully delivered MHSP Phase 4, the Clugston Midlands team are thrilled to have been appointed main contractor for Phase 5 which will be on site in October.
These studies often operate at the same time and in the same counties as MHSP Because these research studies and MHSP use different RT-PCR platforms to test semen, and the potential for differing interpretations of test results exists, it was necessary to inform MHSP participants before graduation that they might receive different results if they chose to enroll in another semen testing service.
Because no validated risk reduction counseling protocols or scripts had been developed especially for Ebola survivors in Liberia, risk reduction materials for MHSP were adapted from the Sierra Leone study of persistence of Ebola virus RNA in semen (7).
As part of the Liberia MHSP, male Ebola survivors ages 15 and older can enroll and have their semen tested monthly.
The MHSP is operated by the Liberian Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization, and the Academic Consortium Combating Ebola in Liberia.
Catriona Learmont, the Mixed Heritage Skills Coordinator, commented on working with Wheels 2 Work, "I am very happy that Mixed Heritage Skills Programme is partnered with Wheels 2 Work, they are delighted to be supporting the participants on the MHSP who live in rural areas.
Information concerning such issues as the setting where these patients received both medical and dental services before entering into the MHSP program, and further differentiation of this population with such variables as income and education, may provide some clues concerning our utilization findings between the races.
With the World Bank support a centralized electronic information system and the database of the National Registry of Social Protection has been established at the Agency for Social Protection of the Population under the MHSP.
The composition of Medicare costs for MHSP services has changed dramatically since the early years of the program, as costs for pharmacy, dental, and other ancillary services have grown faster than costs for routine physician services throughout the 1980s.
The MHSP demonstration, originally planned as a 5-year program, has been extended to 14 years by Congress.
Those interested in finding out more about their suitability for the Advantage Proof of Concept Fund should contact the CTB direct on 0121 414 7277 if they have a Birmingham postcode, or MHSP on 0845 974 3529 if they have a WR, HR or GL postcode.
Christine Jones, chairman, Malvern Hills Science Park, Nick Paul, chairman of Advantage West Midlands, Alan Folwell, chief executive, Central Technology Belt, Bob Callaghan, facilities manager, MHSP, and Mike Barton, regional director, Leadbitter Construction