MHTCMissouri Highways and Transportation Commission (governing board)
MHTCMental Health Treatment Center (New Mexico)
MHTCMount Horeb Telephone Company (Mount Horeb, WI)
MHTCMassachusetts High Technology Council
MHTCMinnesota High Technology Council
MHTCMadison Hair Transplant Clinic (Madison, WI)
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The MHTC has been allocated RM20 million to realise the government's mandate to grow the industry by 25 per cent in 2019, in the 2019 Budget.
MHTC's CEO said that the MHTC seeks introducing development witnessed by medical and health services provided by hospitals and medical centers in Malaysia.
Malaysia's top medical destinations include Penang, Kuala Lampur and Melaka, which have 65 hospitals in total that are registered under MHTC.
With the structure formalized, the Corporation filed an application with the MHTC to become chartered under Missouri statutes.
To gain approval for the project from the MHTC, additional funding would be required, and a new approach to road design and construction was needed to bring savings to the project.
presented an innovative proposal to the MHTC that included site-specific pavement design, a 15-year performance agreement to ensure quality and performance, and a pledge that the Corporation would seek a 0.5% increase in sales tax from the citizens of Kirksville to provide up to 30% of the project's total cost.
As a result, the 15-member Corporation submitted a proposal to the MHTC, proposing to fund a portion of the highway project through an increased sales tax, while hiring Koch Performance Roads Inc.
With the MHTC's endorsement of the proposal, the Corporation asked the Kirksville City Council to place the sales tax question on the April 2002 ballot.
"When smaller or midsize companies work with a group like ours," says MHTC General Counsel Chris Anderson, "it protects each company's interests on a lot of different fronts, including ongoing legislative changes." MHTC participated in Massachusetts's 18-month pilot program and was a vocal and influential element in shaping the state's legislation.