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MHWMonster Hunter World (gaming)
MHWMen's Health Week
MHWMean High Water
MHWMy Hot Wife
MHWMemorial Hospital West (Florida)
MHWMinistry of Health and Welfare (Japan; now the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
MHWMental Health Worker
MHWModel Helicopter World (magazine)
MHWMulti-Hundred Watt
MHWMixed Hardwoods
MHWMixed Hazardous Waste
MHWMinimum Half-Window
MHWMasonry Headwall
MHWMile High Wakeboarding (Arvada, CO)
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These services became an entitlement, which meant that the MHW had to continue their delivery at the same level as before the implementation of the LTC insurance.
Like ENSO events, particularly long MHWs can increase poleward flow of coastal currents and sustain abnormally high temperatures, both of which contribute to movement of coastal marine species from low to high latitudes (Sanford et al.
The model selection process was performed with elevation data relative to MHW and with the relative tidal position.
The team also conducted a meta-analysis on the impacts of MHWs by examining ecological responses to eight prominent MHW events that have been studied in sufficient detail for formal analysis.
In addition to MHWs, extreme events characterized by very low oxygen or high [H.sup.+] conditions can put additional stress on marine organisms and ecosystems.
The MHW said it has developed a plan to distribute the vaccine among the people, as well as created an event to vaccinate senior officials of the Executive Yuan on Nov.
Prior to the recent acquisition of category leader Leblon Cachaca by Bacardi, MHW was the service importer for the brand since its inception 10 years ago.
(iii) Employers and health staff, including MHW and MHV, were considered as sources of social support in the group of "others playing a significant role."
Hoozemans MJM, van der Beek AJ, Frings-Dresen MHW, van der Woude LHV, van Dijk FJH (2002) Pushing and pulling in association with low back and shoulder complaints.
The handsome new book, Towards The Light: The Paintings of Ornulf Opdahl, is published by MHW Publications, the MHW standing for Mara-Helen Wood, who has curated Opdahl exhibitions in London and Newcastle.