MHYMars Home for Youth (Mars, PA)
MHYMy Hotel Year (band)
MHYMunicipal High Yield (finance)
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Furthermore, we found no relationship between plasma Hcy levels, the mHY stage of PD, and UPDRS III parameters of disease severity, including the clinical features of the disease, tremor, bradykinesia, rigidity, and gait/postural instability subscores.
The Leadership Butler County class and MHY raised over $30,000 for the project to date.
Measuring and presenting machine-harvested yield (MHY) as the principle dependent variable for combine harvesters is a valuable way to present combine performance data because it is readily translatable into the farmer's harvested gross income: harvest income ($/acre) = harvested yield (bu/acre) X crop unit value ($/bu).
The company describes its 320C MHY operator workstation as quiet, with ergonomic control placement and convenient adjustment devices.
Taizu shilu (Veritable records of Ming Taizu; hereafter MIZSL) (1418; Taipei: Academia Sinica, 1962), 34.600; 34.1606; 147.2307; MHY 26.418; Yu Jideng (1544-ca.
Shareholders of both MHY and HIO voted to approve the merger of MHY with and into HIO.
203, B03.10, 14: Man kann [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] vor mhy noch erkennen, vgl.
Upon completion of the merger, each share of common stock of MHY will convert into an equivalent dollar amount (to the nearest USD 0.001) of full shares of common stock of HIO, based on the net asset value of each Fund on the business day preceding the merger.