MIABMouse in a Box
MIABMessage in a Bottle
MIABMotor Insurance Advisory Board (Ireland)
MIABmind.in.a.box (band)
MIABMethodology in a Box (project oriented deployment Citrix book)
MIABMagnetically Impelled Arc Butt Welding
MIABMember of the International Association of Bookkeepers
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UNCOVERED: The MIAB report exposed grossly excessive profits on women policy holders, particularly young women drivers
80m, were received by MIAB Stad AB and ISS Sverige AB.
Ms Harney, who is also the Enterprise, Trade and Employment Minister, said the development should be seen as the first in a package of measures based on the MIAB report.
MIAB chairwoman Dorothea Dowling claimed premium costs could be cut almost immediately "if the political will was there".
The MIAB report revealed insurance companies earned EUR464million between 1983 and 1999, almost 10 times the pounds 30million (EUR48million) for UK companies in the same period.
He said: "This report verifies our submissions to the MIAB that young drivers are being exploited and overcharged by the insurance industry.