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MIACMinnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
MIACMissouri Information Analysis Center
MIACMinnesota Indian Affairs Council
MIACMeteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee (Canada)
MIACMetals Information Analysis Center
MIACMember of the International Academy of Cytology
MIACMedical Information and Access Card
MIACMaterial Identification & Accounting Code
MIACMaintenance Information and Control
MIACMinnesota Import Auto Club
MIACMagnetospheric/Ionospheric/Atmospheric Coupling
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(62) This report, informed by a year of public engagement as well as the input of MIAC, recommended a major overhaul of CEAA 2012, including the need to ensure stronger evidence-based decision making.
State lawmakers passed a burial law that protected Indian graves in the 1980s, and in 1991 they also allocated funds directly to the MIAC for the reburial of Native remains.
MMP-8 has been linked to MIAC [5-7], inflammation [8-10], histological chorioamnionitis (HCA) [11], and adverse neonatal outcome [12, 13].
"Mauritius is popping up as a good compromise between London, Singapore, South Africa and others because it is a happy neutral ground and neutrality is very important," says Duncan Bagshaw, registrar of the MIAC.
Since 1950, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Council (MIAC), whose members are drawn from a combination of statewide school committees, superintendents, administrators, and principals, has acted as both the rulemaking and appellate body of the MIAA.
They then measured the amniotic fluid concentration of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and assessed for the presence of microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity (MIAC) by either culture or detection of microbial 16S ribosomal DNA.
van Driel-Kulker, "Leytas--a cytology screening system using the new modular image analysis computer (miac) from leitz," in Clinical Cytometry and Histometry, G.
We obtain a time series of normal (or base) servicing multiples for production agency MBS coupons from the company Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC).
(34) The meaning of 'real risk' in s 36(2)(aa) has recently been considered by a Full Federal Court of five Justices in MIAC v SZQRB [2013] FCAFC 33.
MATRIX has announced the launch of 9 new expansion modules for its popular MIAC controller including Ethernet, RS485, ZigBee, GPS, GSM and Bluetooth.
The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) consists of 13 private colleges from around the state, including 11 that play a highly competitive level of Division III baseball.
Ibrahim, the chief executive officer of Radian Group Inc., Radian's Philadelphia-based parent, said "We look forward to the opportunity to leverage Radian's knowledge of municipal bond insurance for NLC members." Additionally, Radian, through its subsidiary Mortgage and Infrastructure Assurance Corporation (MIAC), has already acquired licenses to conduct bond insurance business in 36 states and the District of Columbia that are available if the feasibility analysis supports the launch of a new company.