MIACCMajor Industrial Accidents Council of Canada (Conseil Canadien des Accidents Industriels Majeurs)
MIACCMarine Industries Association of Collier County (Naples, FL)
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Able to work at both the strategic and detail levels, he founded the process safety management committee for CCPA and MIACC in 1991 and has acted as secretary through the transition to CSChE, continuing in that role to the present day.
When MIACC dissolved, the CSChE Board of Directors endorsed the principles of PSM by approving the establishment of the CSChE PSM subject division, with the expectation that it would help reduce the likelihood and consequences of a major industrial accident in Canada.
Although new to CSChE, the division is a continuation of work started in 1990 under the Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada (MIACC).
Ontario is also moving with regulation based on work under the former MIACC initiative, but extended to apply to emergencies in general rather than only dangerous goods.
The CSChE is conducting a rescue mission, in the interest of both the public and the CIC, in taking stewardship of PSM, after the MIACC dissolution.
In the area of process safety management (PSM), the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) has taken proactive steps to carry on and indeed expand the work that was previously carried out under the auspices of MIACC, work that it is very well positioned to do.
He was involved with MIACC and instrumental in the creation of the PTSC Program.
Another strength of the MIACC guidelines which derives from this feature is that, unlike the FN curves, they are equally applicable to point (e.g., a chemical plant) and linear (e.g., pipeline, rail corridor) risk sources.
The PSM Subject Division has the potential for great importance to the chemical industry and the Canadian public, but we should look again at the lessons MIACC taught us.
Organizations such as the Canadian Chemical Producer's Association (Responsible Care[R]) and The Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada (MIACC) have developed PSM frameworks to guide Canadian companies.
Doug McCutcheon of Dow examined 'The MIACC Process - Where We Are Today'.
A beneficial by-product of the accident has been the development and strengthening of global programs for chemical safety, including the Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada (MIACC).