MIAFMelbourne International Animation Festival (Australia)
MIAFMelbourne International Arts Festival (Australia)
MIAFMoscow International Advertising Festival (Moscow, Russia)
MIAFMarine Industries Association of Florida, Inc. (Stuart, FL)
MIAFMouse Immune Ascitic Fluid
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En Mexico no se han caracterizado en los sistemas MIAF a las comunidades de lombrices de tierra, por lo que en este estudio se pretende identificar a las especies de lombrices y describir los atributos de estas comunidades en dos localidades con diferente clima (templado seco -con riego- vs.
Malcolm Turner, executive director of the festival, has been with MIAF since its beginnings in 2001.
For its part, MIAF was born when internationally renowned Ghanaian-born designer Ozwald Boateng and leading Nigerian entrepreneur Kola Aluko of Atlantic Energy realized that a few hundred million dollars of investment in project development could change the course of economic development for the whole of Africa.
The alliance between MIAF and AfDB aims at raising US$500 million for Africa50aACAOs project development arm by the first half of 2014.
Gregorik turned in a quality performance, resulting in his opponent taking a count in the second round, while Miaf Asif had a harder debut going toe to toe for three rounds.
Este busco, mediante la EC, divulgar hacia las comunidades y regiones los resultados de la investigacion agronomica local efectuada en parcelas representativas, como principal estrategia para escalar la tecnologia MIAF. La tecnologia a divulgar fue generada, adaptada y validada localmente con la participacion de campesinos y equipo tecnico del PMSL (Orozco et al., 2008).
The partnership between MIAF and AfDB is designed to improve up to USD 500 million for Africa50?s venture development arm by the first half of 2014.
MIAF is urging the AfDB to offer the opportunity to invest in the infrastructure bonds to all as this would be in addition to funds committed by member governments.
By CF, the suspension prepared from the brain of infected mice showed positive reaction with the MIAF prepared for the Brazilian prototype strain of OROV BeAn 19991 ([greater than or equal to] 32/16).
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has joined hands with the Made in Africa Foundation (MIAF) to introduce an infrastructure fund, dubbed as Africa50, for the continent of Africa intended for securing funds worth as much as US$ 500 million within the first six months of next year.